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Our CORE Values, Mission Statement, and Long Term Vision


We breathe and eat our CORE Values every day. Who wouldn't want some CHIPS in their diet?

Our CORE values are the principles and ideals that bind our organization together including the customers, employees, vendors, and all stakeholders. They were developed to frame ethical context for our organization, and to many they are the “ethical standards” of the organization.  We eat our CHIPS morning, noon, and of course, late at night. 

  • Committed, to providing top quality products with low prices.
  • Honesty, towards our customers and ourselves.
  • Integrity, we do what's right the first time.
  • Passionate, its not a job if you LOVE what you do.
  • Satisfaction, hassle free customer service.


Our Mission:

We are passionate about healthy living, clean eating, and looking after our bodies, by creating a place where you can buy feel good activewear and learn how to transform your body and mind. 


Our Long Term Vision:

Our vision is to empower women by offering affordable name brand clothing that will never have you searching for loose change in your couch to afford it.  

We will always hand select products that are high quality and in excellent condition and offer them to you for less.  You will never pay more than listed prices from the brand name outlets.  We guarantee your satisfaction with our brand and services.

Who We Are

Fitness Fashion for Less (F3L) is a family orientated business whose origins hail from small shoreline town Branford, Connecticut. F3L began its journey as an opportunity for founder, Mandy, to focus on her love of education and healthy well being.  

With over two decades of fitness, fashion, and nutritional experience, F3L has reached out and helped thousands of women reach their goals.  If you're not 100% satisfied or would like to learn more about nutrition, work out plans, or simply advice on your goals, please feel free to reach out to us at admin@fitnessfashionforless.com.