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Fit Snacks

Almond Milk Hot Chocolate


Warm up with this quick-and-easy almond milk hot chocolate. Rich and creamy, it only has 42 calories and 4 ingredients! 


  • ¼ c water
  • 1 Tbsp cocoa powder (heaping)
  • 3-4 packets Truvia, or other sweetener to taste
  • pinch of instant coffee (optional)
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract (optional)
  • ¾ c unsweetened almond milk 


Fork method

  1. In a mug, microwave ¼ c water for 15-30 seconds.
  2. Add the cocoa powder, Truvia, instant coffee, and vanilla extract. Whisk with a fork for 5-10 seconds until everything has dissolved.
  3. Add the almond milk and mix again.
  4. Add the rest of the almond milk and stir until smooth.
  5. Microwave for 1-1½ minutes. Give it a final stir and enjoy!

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 cup Calories: 42 Fat: 3g Saturated fat: 0g Carbohydrates: 16g Sugar: 0Sodium: 150mg Fiber: 3g Protein: 1g Cholesterol: 0mg

Protein Bite Recipes

PB&J Protein Balls

PB & J Protein Balls

PB&J protein balls are perfect for PB&J lovers looking for a healthy, protein-packed snack thanks to creamy peanut butter and diced dried strawberries.

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5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Energy Bites


No Bake 5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Energy Bites. Loaded with old fashioned oats, peanut butter and flax seeds. A healthy protein packed breakfast or snack!

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Protein Brownie Bites

Protein Brownie Bites

Chocolate + Chocolate + Chocolate= deliciousness. Protein Brownie Bites. The best guilt free brownies that are healthy! 

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Apple Cinnamon Energy Balls

Apple Cinnamon Energy Balls

This easy recipe for apple cinnamon energy balls taste just like fall! 

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Healthy Buckeyes

Healthy buckeyes

Healthy buckeyes, is this real life? It sure is! Give the classic buckeye recipe a twist by adding protein powder and sweetening with honey, for a healthy treat!

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Lemon Protein Balls

Lemon Protein Balls

These lemon protein balls are a perfect guilt free snack, great for after a gym workout!

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A List of Healthy Clean Eating Snack Ideas

The Most Filling 100 Calorie Snack Ideas

Forget 100-calorie processed snack packs that leave you ravenous! These low-cal bites are packed with protein and fiber and are proven to keep you fuller longer.

1. Two tablespoons of whipped light cream cheese rolled into two slices of extra-lean ham.

2. Two celery stalks, sliced into strips and dipped in 2 tablespoons of light guacamole.

3. Three ounces of chilled, pre-cooked shrimp dipped in one tablespoon of cocktail sauce.

4. One ounce of goat cheese spread on 1/2 a cup of cucumber slices.

5. One hard-boiled egg, sliced and sprinkled with salt, pepper and paprika.

6. A half a cup of fat-free cottage cheese topped with 1/4 cup of fresh blueberries.

7. A warm and comforting cup of your favorite broth-based soup brightened up with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

8. One medium tomato sliced and topped with one ounce of fresh mozzarella, salt and pepper and drizzled with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.

9. One small whole-wheat tortilla topped with two tablespoons of fat-free bean dip and sprinkled with a two tablespoons of low-fat cheddar cheese.

10. One slice of roasted turkey breast wrapped up with one slice of light Swiss cheese.

11. One cup diced watermelon with one ounce of reduced-fat feta cheese, a teaspoon of chopped fresh mint and a squeeze of fresh lime.

12. A half cup of plain yogurt topped with a drizzle of honey and three almonds, finely chopped.

13. Two celery stalks, cut into strips and dipped in 1/4 cup hummus.

14. One ounce of prosciutto wrapped around a wedge of cantaloupe or 1/2 cup of peach slices.

15. One and a half cups of mixed berries.

16. One cup of jicama slices dipped in 1/2 cup of fresh salsa.

17. Ten baby carrots dipped in 4 ounces 0% Greek yogurt, flavored with 1 teaspoon of ranch dressing mix.

18. One cup of sliced apples with one ounce of low-fat cheddar, sliced thin.

Have a favorite low-calorie snack? Email us at admin@fitnessfashionforless.com and tell us about it!


The Skinny On Desserts

Clean Eating Red Velvet Cake Trifle


This trifle is a guaranteed crowd pleaser! In fact, anytime I am asked to bring a dessert I always make a trifle. Not only does it look beautiful, but they are simple to make and absolutely delicious.


Clean Eating Strawberry Cheesecake Bars


 Creamy cheesecake bars that are high protein, low fat and free of refined sugars. Yes, cheesecake for breakfast exists!! 

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Clean Eating Almond Joy Cookies


Chewy almond-flavored oatmeal cookies filled with coconut & dark chocolate. They’re the best oatmeal cookies you’ll ever make, and they don’t taste healthy at all! 

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Healthy Key Lime Pie Bars


 Healthy Key Lime Pie Bars Recipe made easy with coconut milk, coconut oil, maple syrup and gluten free crust, no baking required. 

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Healthy Peanut Butter Cups


 How about a Clean Eating Healthy Peanut Butter Cup recipe that needs only 4 clean ingredients?

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No Bake Energy Bites


 These delicious little no bake energy bites are the perfect healthy snack and easy to make!

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Izzy's Oatmeal Banana Protein Bites

The Finished Product!

So easy even a 14 year old can (and did!) do it!

My daughter inherited my love of baking. Since she was a toddler she has always helped me in the kitchen, whether it was making cookies for Christmas or just helping out with making dinner. Now that she is playing high school sports she knows she needs to fuel her body properly before and after practices and games. One of her easy go-to's are these oatmeal banana protein bites.  They're healthy and super easy to make. Check out the recipe below:


-2 bananas

-1-2 cups of whole grain oats

-1 scoop of vanilla protein powder 

-pinch of cinnamon

-2 Tbs creamy peanut butter


1. Mash up bananas in bowl (using fork or mixer)

2. Add in protein powder and cinnamon and mix together well

3. Add in only one cup of oats. Once those are all mixed in add as many oats as needed to cover banana mix

4. Scoop mixture using cookie scoop and place on plate

5. In small bowl melt 2 Tbsp peanut butter in microwave for 45 seconds

6. Drizzle peanut butter on top of oatmeal banana bites

7. Put in refrigerator over night

8. Enjoy for snack or breakfast!

Healthy Snacks For Kids

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs


Fun fruit kabobs on skewers with a yogurt dipping sauce!

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Copycat Trader Joe's Gone Bananas!


Copycat Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas is one of the simplest recipes on the blog, and one of the most outrageously delicious frozen desserts you’ll ever eat ~ these frozen banana slices dipped in dark chocolate are healthy, too!

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FroYo Berry Bites


Try our healthy frozen yogurt treats for a refreshing and cooling dessert that’s good for you.

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Frozen Blueberry Bites


These Frozen Yogurt Blueberries are a simple, healthy snack that satisfy your sweet tooth big time. 

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Nutella and Banana Sushi


These delicious Nutella and banana fruity snacks are so easy you can prepare them for the after-school rush in five minutes. They also look cute on party platters.

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Veggie Flatbread Pizzas


These little veggie flatbread pizzas will be so irresistible on that party platter or as a special snack time treat!

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